Tired of the stop and go method? Here is the very sexy squeeze method!

When it comes to controlling ejaculation, the famous stop and go method is one of the best last longer in bed tips for many men. This is basically stopping al sexual and arousing activity with your partner once you feel that you have become too aroused and resuming it once things have cooled down a bit. Now, this method might be pretty effective, but it just isn’t really sexy.

For once, the stop and go method actually requires you to stop “playing” with your partner and bring your lovemaking to a screeching halt for several seconds, or even minutes. This can make your partner feel very frustrated. What’s more, unless you actually explain to her beforehand that you are going to pause your lovemaking to delay your ejaculation, she may think that you don’t like her, or that she is doing something wrong. In other words, unless used correctly and with your partner’s knowledge, the stop and go method can outright ruin a sexual encounter. You don’t want that, do you?

So, what can you do to keep your ejaculation at bay without frustrating your partner and risking to ruin your night together? Well, this is where the squeeze method comes in. It pretty much follows the same principles as the stop and go method but it has two distinct advantages over it. The first is that it can actually become part of your lovemaking routine. The second, is that it will allow you to cool down and “get back in the saddle” a lot faster than the stop and go method. Let’s have a detailed look at it:

Wanna last longer in bed

Find your point of no return

Finding your point of no return (or PNR for short) is essential for most, if not all, ejaculation control method. Just masturbate slowly and pay attention to how you feel just before you ejaculate. This is the apex of your sexual arousal and once you reach it, ejaculation becomes inevitable. If you want to control when you ejaculate, then you need to be aware it and take certain actions once you get close to it.

The actual squeeze method

Once you discover your PNR, you will be able to start using the squeeze method. Note that during sex, it will better to ask for your partner’s assistance with it, for reasons that will become clear in a few minutes. That however doesn’t mean that you can’t do it by yourself! In fact, you should first do some “solo practice” before you try it with a partner. The following breakdown of the method will cover both scenarios.

  1.  Get to your PNR 
    OK, this step is pretty self explanatory. If you are practicing solo, then masturbate until you get really close to the PNR. If you are having sex, then work your magic until you feel the PNR approaching.
  2. Pause / pull out 
    OK, this is where things get a bit similar with the stop and go method. If you are masturbating, then just stop whatever you are doing. If you are having sex, then stop thrusting and slowly pull out.
  3. The squeeze 
    Here is where this method differs from the stop and go method. Now that you have stopped getting aroused, squeeze the head of your penis. If you are solo, then you have no choice but to do it yourself. If you are having sex however, you can and should ask your partner to do it. This will keep her engaged and horny and won’t bring your sexual escapades to a complete stop.
  4. The cooldown 
    After just a few seconds of your penis being squeezed, either by you or your partner, you should start to feel your arousal cooling down. This is your cue to start arousing yourself again and to get back inside your partner.
  5. Rinse and repeat 
    It goes without saying that with a little practice, you should be able to consistently use this technique more than one time in each sexual encounter.

As you can see, the squeeze method is much better and sexier than the old fashioned stop and go method. If there is one part that you should pay extra attention to, that’s pinpointing your PNR. The success of this and pretty much all ejaculation delay methods, hinges on it.

Have fun!

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