The easiest ways to keep your sex life fresh

I think we can all agree that sex is pretty much the most fun thing that two consenting adults can do. The thing is though that when it comes to improving sex, most people tend to focus on just making it longer. You can learn this here now, but that’s not the point. Now, I am certainly not saying that having sex for long periods of time is bad or not cool. What I am saying though, is that sometimes what matters most is quality and not quantity.

What I mean by that, is that instead of focusing on how to make sex last longer and increase our staying power in bed, we should think about how to make sex even more fun. This is even more of an imperative for couples and partners that are in long term relationships. No matter how good sex is between two people, sooner or later things will start to get stale and the relationship will probably suffer as a result.

sexy games

This is why I think that a fun and varied sexual life is key for a healthy and rewarding relationship. Furthermore, you might not know it but sex is also very beneficial for your physical health and well-being! With that being said, here are some fun ways to spice up your sex and love life. Each method is a variation on a popular and beloved game. In other words, we are about to give a sexy twist to our favorite games. Let’s get started!

1. Poker

OK, if you know how to play cards, then you probably know about poker. If you know about Poker, then chances are that you have already heard of its sexy variation: strip poker. How does one play strip poker though? Well, the rules are pretty simple. The game is played the same way as regular poker. The only difference, is that instead of money the person that loses a hand, loses an article of his or her clothing. Before you know it, you and your partner will be playing half naked! It won’t take long for the two of you to get to the bedroom after that!

2. Truth or Dare

This is another really popular game that can be easily be turned into exciting foreplay. When it comes to “truth” you can ask your partner sexy questions such as “what would you do to me if I were naked right now” or ask him or her about his or her favorite fantasy and maybe act it out later on. When it comes to dare, well, your imagination is the only limit. You can pretty much ask your partner to do anything you want and see where it gets you afterwards.

3. Spin the bottle

Admittedly spin the bottle is not that fun when played with only two players. There is a fifty-fifty chance of the bottle pointing at you. That shouldn’t stop you from turning it into a sexy game though! Every time the bottle points to you or your partner you can do something sexy that you have agreed on, like kissing a certain part of the body. You can also take turns to provide each other with some dirty and sexy talk. The loser is whoever gets to the bedroom first. The truth however is that this game doesn’t have losers!

4. Twister

Well, Twister is an time favorite when it comes to people who want to touch each other. Heck, it probably was the reason most boys got to touch certain parts of a girls body for the first time back in the day. Well, now you are all grown up and your opponent is your partner, so feel to touch her anywhere you want and rub on her as long as you want. The truth is that this entry pretty much a no-brainer: Twister is pretty sexy in and of itself.

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