Little known ways to boost your confidence around women

One of the most common causes of premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction as well as other problems in a man’s love and sex life, is lack of confidence. If a man does not believe that he is cool and a “catch” then chances are that he will be anxious when he is around women, even when he is in bed with one and as I am sure you already know, stress and sex don’t mix, especially if you want both you and your partner to have a good are the exercises that will improve your sex life:for more information, read my review here.

With that being said, there is nothing that can make a man feel more confident than knowing that he is always turning women on. The truth is that it doesn’t take the looks of Brad Pitt for many women to find a man appealing. Believe it or not, certain little things can pretty much make you irresistible to women and is there a better boost for your confidence than knowing that women find you hard to resist? So, without further ado, here are 10 little things that women find extremely sexy and the men who do them irresistible. Just incorporate them in your everyday behavior and you won’t have to worry about your confidence ever again!

  1. Being nice, especially towards people you don’t know

    Yes, some women do love bad boys, but all women love a gentleman! So, every time you tip your waitress or delivery boy, every time you help a guy with car trouble, every time you open and hold the door for someone carrying stuff or groceries, women will see you as a “noble superhero” and that will make you extremely attractive in their eyes!

  2. Laughing out loud

    Nobody likes a grouch or a man who is always serious and skulking. Laughing loudly and sincerely will show women just how fun you are. It also shows that you are a healthy individual. Happy and outgoing people are always considered and there is nothing that shows more happiness than laughing your heart out in public!

  3. Lifting your sleeves

    Women have their cleavage when it comes to attractive members of the opposite sex and men have their strong arms. The sight of a bare arm is sometimes enough to drive a woman crazy, especially if said arm is a bit toned. Why do you think that models and Hollywood stars always wear T-Shirts even if it is almost freezing outside?Little known ways to boost your confidence around women

  4. Looking her in the eyes

    Eyes are the windows to the soul as the old saying goes, which is why it is extremely important to always maintain eye contact with a woman you are with or you are interested in while talking to her. This will make her feel nice and safe around you. Furthermore, you can also slip in a little innuendo in one of your looks and drive her crazy!

  5. Being enthusiastic

    According to recent studies, women find men who talk enthusiasm and passion about the things that they like and love to be extremely sexy and attractives. Maybe it’s because they believe that he will appreciate them the same way as his favorite sport or hobby…

  6. Having intelligent conversations

    One of the biggest mistakes that men make around women, is talking about silly subjects and not engaging in intelligent conversation. Women, the ones that are worth it anyway, find intelligence and great conversation skills to be really sexy and attractive when it comes. Speaking of conversation skills…

  7. Paying attention to her

    It is a well known fact that women love men who are good to listening to them, most men however just hear them talking instead of actually listening to them. In other words, they listen to the things they say, but they pay no attention to it. So, the next time you chat with a girl, make sure to pay attention to what she is saying and even ask some question to show that.

  8. Cooking

    Women love men who cook because they consider them to be really self-sufficient and balanced individuals who can easily take care of themselves. Don’t just talk about your cooking skills however, demonstrate them by making her dinner, preferably at your place, just in case it turns into something more…

  9. Thinking of her

    If you are in a relationship with a girl, or even if you are married, there is nothing like sending a message or an email out of the blue to your partner to let her know that you love her and that you care and think about her if you want to drive her absolutely mad for you.

  10. Hug her suddenly from behind

    Hugging your partner from behind when she is not expecting it, is a very sweet surprise that will make her feel safe and nice.

So there you have it, just follow these simple tips and the next time you see yourself in the mirror, instead of thinking “look at this sad loser” you will be thinking “I’m the king of the WORLD!”. Trust me, the impact that this will have in your life, in both your love life and your everyday life, will be huge!

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