If you like oral sex, then you will love those 5 tips that will make you last longer!

Premature ejaculation is a problem that can keep you from enjoying sex. This is because although it is more prevalent during penetration, it can even rear its ugly head even during other “activities”. I found that out by visiting http://howlastlongerinbed.net .

In fact one of the most common complaints of all men, regardless of whether they consider themselves premature ejaculators or not, is that they don’t last as long as they would like during oral sex.

The good old blowjob can sometimes be even more enjoyable than sex itself. This is why most men want it to last as long as possible. This however also means that a man’s sexual arousal levels skyrocket when he is receiving head. As I am sure you know, a rapid increase of sexual arousal is what causes most cases of premature ejaculation.

The following tricks will help you last longer during oral sex and enjoy the pleasure they provide you with for as long as possible. It goes without saying that the tips apply to men that suffer from premature ejaculation, as well as men who just want to last longer when they receive head.

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Have her vary her pace

Most women will either move their head up and down at the same speed while giving head. Some will be fast all the time, while others will keep a steady and very slow pace. This is wrong as it forces the arousal levels to rise at a steady pace. What you want in order to be able to last longer, is to have those levels rise at a more erratic and unpredictable pace.

This is why your partner should always vary her tempo while giving you a blowjob. Not only will this confuse your brain and your body, but it will also allow you to experience pleasant sensations that you couldn’t experience before.

Don’t let her use her hands!

When your partner uses her hands while giving you head, she is essentially giving you a handjob and blowjob AT THE SAME TIME. As you can probably tell, this makes your arousal levels climb at an obscene pace and it makes ejaculation come really quickly.

Use of your partner’s hands during oral sex is completely unnecessary. It’s not even that pleasant since oral sex provides much greater amounts of pleasure than masturbation. Let your partner know that. If you don’t feel comfortable with telling her straight up to not use her hands during oral sex, then you can make a game out of it. Tell her that she can touch you anywhere, except on your penis.

Your penis isn’t the only part of your body she can lick!

Ask your partner to lick other parts of your body before she goes down on your penis. Oral sex doesn’t have to just involve the penis, after all. Ask her to lick your testicles, your belly and even your buttocks. You can also ask her to lick and nibble lightly on your ears.

There is a small caveat to this tip though: by the time she gets to your penis, you will be so aroused that you will cum within a few seconds. Your climax however will be so powerful and intense that the small duration of the actual blowjob, simply won’t matter.

Taking breaks

I am sure that by now you have heard of climax control methods such as the squeeze or the stop and go method. Well, the same principles apply on oral sex as well. If you think that things are getting too hot and that your climax is approaching, then you should ask her to take a small break.

You can then do all sorts of things together. You can have her touch and fondle some other part of your body or you could that to her. You can also take turns going down on each other. Once you start to feel like things have cooled down a bit, then it’s time to resume the blowjob and reach an amazing climax!

5 tips that will make you last longer

Try the 69 position

This is perhaps the best thing that you can do if both of you enjoy oral sex. This way you will be both able to enjoy the pleasure of receiving head, without feeling like taking advantage of your partner or having her do all the hard work. It is the best tit for tat solution and one that will guarantee a good time for everyone!

Furthermore, since you will also be focused in giving her good head, it will take you longer to ejaculate. This is because you won’t be focused on the pleasure you are receiving. It’s a win – win situation!

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