Everything you wanted to know about the PC muscle and were afraid to ask

Premature ejaculation is the number one concern of men when it comes to sex, but what is premature ejaculation? Well, to put it as simply as possible, a man is a premature ejaculator when he constantly and consistently fails to last long enough in bed to sexually satisfy himself and / or his sexual partner. In other words, a man is an early ejaculator when he cums so soon that neither of the two parties involved in the sexual gets any satisfaction out of it.

Now that you know what PE is, I bet there is another thing that you are wondering: how to prevent premature ejaculation. Well, this might be a bit more complicated than you think, because there are many things that can cause this problem and they range from mild psychological issues, all the way to certain forms of cancer and other illnesses. When it comes to determining the exact cause of the problem, your best hope is visiting a doctor as he will be able, through a series of simple tests, to determine whether the cause of your problem is psychological or physiological in nature. It should be noted that the vast majority of early ejaculation problems are caused by psychological reasons, such as sexual performance anxiety.

With that being said, the most common physiological cause of premature is having a weak or untrained PC muscle. A strong PC muscle is essential for lasting longer in bed, regardless of whether you are a premature ejaculator or not.

● Whoa, what is a PC muscle?

PC muscle is an abbreviation of Pubococcygeus muscle, I think you can tell why the term PC muscle is more popular! Well, in case you skipped a few biology classes, this muscle is located on the pelvic floor and it pretty much is responsible for controlling what comes out of your penis and when.for more details,visit the original source.

● Wha? What does that mean?

Wanna see the PC muscle in action? Well the next time you take a leak, just try to stop the flow of your piss. You should feel something near your butt tighten right before your urine stops streaming. Congrats, you just discovered your PC muscle! Like I said, this muscle is responsible for not letting stuff come out of your penis. The stronger this muscle is, the better it is at the job of stopping stuff coming through it.

● OK, so how do I know how strong this muscle is?

Well, if you tried to stop the flow of your piss and you did do easily, then your muscle is probably doing OK. If it took a while for it to stop or if there were leaks once you managed to stop the flow, then you need to strengthen it.

● Hmmm, I get all that, but has it got to do with increasing my sexual stamina or beating PE?

Well, as I am sure you have noticed, when you ejaculate, sperm comes out of your penis. If your PC muscle is really strong, then you will be able to stop the semen from getting out, which should buy you a few precious minutes of sex. Some men are so good at stopping the flow of their semen during sex, that they can even have multiple climaxes during the same sexual encounter and have a MAJOR release of semen once they decide that they have had enough. Those men are known as multi – orgasmic men.go to http://menshealth.intoday.in/storyprint.jsp?contentid=1260&sid=5&cid=22 for more details.

● OK, so how do I make this muscle stronger?


Well, this is a muscle like any other muscle in your body, which means that there is only one way to make it stronger: to work it out. I am not talking about lifting weights with your penis here, I am talking about doing something as simple as pretending to stop the flow of your urine while sitting down a few times per day and holding the muscle clenched for a few seconds at a time. This is a relatively simple way to strengthen the PC muscle and the best thing about it is that you can do it ANYWHERE, even while you work or watch TV or while riding the bus or subway. Now if you are looking for more advanced PC Muscle strengthening exercises, then check the Kegel exercises for men video this  is the best bet for you!

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