5 little known ways to improve sex through exercise

When it comes to exercise and sex, the first thing that pops to the mind of most people are the world famous Kegels exercises, but the truth is, that there is a vast variety of “regular” exercises out there that can have a very positive impact on your sex life. Some may help you increase stamina in bed, others may help you get more flexible, while others may help you experience more intense and stronger orgasms. Chances are that you already know some of these exercises and that you have tried at some point in your life, without knowing about their “secret” benefits. So, without further ado, here are the exercises that will improve your sex life:for more information, read my review here.

● Exercises that strengthen your core

A lot of fitness experts nowadays keep stressing that it is very important to have a strong and toned core, but just what is your core, anyway? By the term “core”, the fitness experts mean the center of your body i.e. the muscles located in your middle. lower back and pelvis. As you can probably tell, that area of the body works pretty hard during sex, so keeping it fit and strong is very important since it can help you thrust faster and harder.

When it comes to strengthening your core, the most popular way are crunches, however nowadays, there is a new exercise called Quadrupeds that has the same and even better results. Here’s how to pull it off:

1. Get on your hands and feet and make sure that your hands are level with your shoulders and your knees level with your hips.

2. Tighten your abdomen while breathing.

3. Lift and straighten your left arm and right leg and make sure that they are at the same level as your spine.

4. Hold this position for a few seconds and release.

5. Repeat the above process with your right arm and your left leg.

6. Do as many reps as you can and try to hold the position longer and longer with each rep.

● Upper body strengthening exercises

A lot of sexual positions, such as the most popular one: missionary, rely on you being able to support your body’s weight with your arms, which is why you should make sure that your upper body is always as strong as possible.

The best upper body strength building exercise is the push up, which I am sure that you are already familiar with. The problem with pushups however is that they can be quite tricky to pull off for people who are not physically strong or fit to begin with, but there is an easier form of pushups that people like that can try:

1. Lie down on a mat on your belly.

2. Keep your knees together and on the ground and use your hand and arms to raise your body off the ground

3. Spread your arms apart at shoulder length and start bending them, so that your body and chest will get lowered towards the ground.

4. Once you get as low as you can go, push your body up again and repeat the process.

● Cardio

Good old cardio is the best way to boost your stamina both on the bed and off it. Cardio exercises essentially push your cardiovascular system and make it work overtime, which in turn makes it stronger and improves your stamina. Furthermore, having a strong cardiovascular system is very important if you don’t want to face any erectile dysfunction problems when you get older.

The most effective and simplest forms of cardio are walking, running and power walking. However, if you are worried about the impact that these exercises can have on your spine, then you can try swimming or exercising with an elliptical machine.

● Yoga

Yoga may be all about relaxation and meditation, but some of its poses are ideal for building flexibility and being flexible in bed can result in you being able to try more positions as well as help you experience better orgasms. When it comes to flexibility, the most effective Yoga pose is the Cobbler’s pose:

1. Sit down on a mat or on the floor with your legs stretched out in front of you.

2. Take a deep breath and hold it in.

3. Star exhaling and as you exhale, bend your knees and let them drop to the side.

4. Pull your ankles towards the pelvis and get in as comfortable a position as possible.

5. Try to make both feet face each other (or better yet touch each other) and make sure that the outside of your feet is touching the floor. Place each hand on the corresponding foot.

6. Sit up as if there is a straight line that starts from the top of your head, goes through your spine and ends on the floor.

7. Try to press your thighs against the floor. Be careful not to push yourself too much during your first few sessions.

8. Hold the pose for a few seconds and then exhale and stretch your legs.

● Exercise together with your partner


Exercising with your partners has two huge benefits: the first is that it ensures that you will keep your training and workout schedule as there will now be another person counting on you and the second is that team sports and activities can help a relationship grow stronger and they are also a great form of foreplay, so to speak. With that being said, there are many fitness activities that you can try with your partner: you can workout together in the gym and you can also spot each other. You can also play some sports against each other, such as tennis and squash.Go to the website http://www.webmd.com/sex-relationships/guide/sex-and-health for more details.

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