hidden benefits of sex

Six hidden benefits of sex that will amaze you!

Sex without a doubt one of the most pleasant and rewarding activities in a person’s life, if not the most enjoyable. This is of course why men as well as women are pretty much always ready to go when the opportunity to have sex arises. Well, as it turns out they might be onto something more than just getting and giving pleasure and having fun with their partners.

Studies have shown repeatedly that sex is actually really good for our general health and well being. Yep, you read that right! People who have sex often, tend to be healthier than people who don’t! Some of the benefits of sex though are not that easy to guess. So, if you ever needed more excuses to have sex, here are the most surprising ways that sex can benefit your health!

hidden benefits of sex

1. It boosts the immune system

According to recent studies and statistics, sexually active people take less sick days than sexually inactive people. Furthermore, researchers at Wilkes University in Pennsylvania, discovered that the bodies of sexually active students contained double the amount of certain antibodies than the bodies of students who weren’t having sex. As you can probably guess, there is only one conclusion to be made here: sex boosts your immune system.

Why is that happening? well, scientists are baffled, but they think that intimacy and the exchange of bodily fluids that sends the immune system into overdrive. In other words, it forces it to adapt a “better safe than sorry” strategy.

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sexy games

The easiest ways to keep your sex life fresh

I think we can all agree that sex is pretty much the most fun thing that two consenting adults can do. The thing is though that when it comes to improving sex, most people tend to focus on just making it longer. You can learn this here now, but that’s not the point. Now, I am certainly not saying that having sex for long periods of time is bad or not cool. What I am saying though, is that sometimes what matters most is quality and not quantity.

What I mean by that, is that instead of focusing on how to make sex last longer and increase our staying power in bed, we should think about how to make sex even more fun. This is even more of an imperative for couples and partners that are in long term relationships. No matter how good sex is between two people, sooner or later things will start to get stale and the relationship will probably suffer as a result.

sexy games

This is why I think that a fun and varied sexual life is key for a healthy and rewarding relationship. Furthermore, you might not know it but sex is also very beneficial for your physical health and well-being! With that being said, here are some fun ways to spice up your sex and love life. Each method is a variation on a popular and beloved game. In other words, we are about to give a sexy twist to our favorite games. Let’s get started!

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If you like oral sex, then you will love those 5 tips that will make you last longer!

Premature ejaculation is a problem that can keep you from enjoying sex. This is because although it is more prevalent during penetration, it can even rear its ugly head even during other “activities”. I found that out by visiting http://howlastlongerinbed.net .

In fact one of the most common complaints of all men, regardless of whether they consider themselves premature ejaculators or not, is that they don’t last as long as they would like during oral sex.

The good old blowjob can sometimes be even more enjoyable than sex itself. This is why most men want it to last as long as possible. This however also means that a man’s sexual arousal levels skyrocket when he is receiving head. As I am sure you know, a rapid increase of sexual arousal is what causes most cases of premature ejaculation.

The following tricks will help you last longer during oral sex and enjoy the pleasure they provide you with for as long as possible. It goes without saying that the tips apply to men that suffer from premature ejaculation, as well as men who just want to last longer when they receive head.

sexy stuff

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Wanna last longer in bed

Tired of the stop and go method? Here is the very sexy squeeze method!

When it comes to controlling ejaculation, the famous stop and go method is one of the best last longer in bed tips for many men. This is basically stopping al sexual and arousing activity with your partner once you feel that you have become too aroused and resuming it once things have cooled down a bit. Now, this method might be pretty effective, but it just isn’t really sexy.

For once, the stop and go method actually requires you to stop “playing” with your partner and bring your lovemaking to a screeching halt for several seconds, or even minutes. This can make your partner feel very frustrated. What’s more, unless you actually explain to her beforehand that you are going to pause your lovemaking to delay your ejaculation, she may think that you don’t like her, or that she is doing something wrong. In other words, unless used correctly and with your partner’s knowledge, the stop and go method can outright ruin a sexual encounter. You don’t want that, do you?

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affect your sexual stamina

Why you should integrate reverse Kegels exercises in your Kegels workout

When it comes to solving PE, the world famous Kegels exercises are the way to go for many men out there. For those that don’t know, those exercises essentially make the pubococcygeus muscle, which controls ejaculation, tighter.

This makes controlling your ejaculation a lot easier. There is something that a lot of men don’t know when it comes to this muscle though: making it TOO tight can actually cause premature ejaculation!

Some men have reported that their early ejaculations have gotten worse instead of better when they started doing Kegels. One of the physical causes of premature ejaculation is actually having a very tight pelvic floor and VERY strong pubococcygeus muscle. Continue reading

Little known ways to boost your confidence around women

Little known ways to boost your confidence around women

One of the most common causes of premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction as well as other problems in a man’s love and sex life, is lack of confidence. If a man does not believe that he is cool and a “catch” then chances are that he will be anxious when he is around women, even when he is in bed with one and as I am sure you already know, stress and sex don’t mix, especially if you want both you and your partner to have a good time.here are the exercises that will improve your sex life:for more information, read my review here.

With that being said, there is nothing that can make a man feel more confident than knowing that he is always turning women on. The truth is that it doesn’t take the looks of Brad Pitt for many women to find a man appealing. Believe it or not, certain little things can pretty much make you irresistible to women and is there a better boost for your confidence than knowing that women find you hard to resist? So, without further ado, here are 10 little things that women find extremely sexy and the men who do them irresistible. Just incorporate them in your everyday behavior and you won’t have to worry about your confidence ever again! Continue reading


A beginners guide to Kegels

Kegel exercises are perhaps the best known exercises related to improving one’s sexual performance as well as improving the way that his or her genitals work in general. They were developed by Dr. Arnold Kegel and their purpose is to strengthen the pelvic floor of either a man or a woman. For a woman Kegels can help with the delivery of her babies and they can also help her prevent and battle incontinence. Kegels for men on the other hand, can help them learn how withhold their semen and ejaculation and thus prolong their sexual encounters, which makes them one of the best and most effective premature ejaculation treatments, which something I found out by visiting https://www.kegels.com.au/how-to-kegel/. With some practice, men may even achieve multiple, ejaculation free orgasms during the same sexual encounter. This article will focus on Kegels for men.

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Are fitness and sex related? The answer will blow your mind

I think we can all agree that fitness and exercise in general are extremely beneficial and they can make a world of difference in one’s health and everyday life. But there is one question in particular regarding fitness and exercise that seems to be on the mind of many people out there: “will exercise improve my sex life?”. The answer of course is yes, but there is a little caveat in the end, but before we get there, let’s see just how and why exercise can affect your sex life!I found this amazing information on howlastlongerinbed.net website.

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5 little known ways to improve sex through exercise

When it comes to exercise and sex, the first thing that pops to the mind of most people are the world famous Kegels exercises, but the truth is, that there is a vast variety of “regular” exercises out there that can have a very positive impact on your sex life. Some may help you increase stamina in bed, others may help you get more flexible, while others may help you experience more intense and stronger orgasms. Chances are that you already know some of these exercises and that you have tried at some point in your life, without knowing about their “secret” benefits. So, without further ado, here are the exercises that will improve your sex life:for more information, read my review here. Continue reading


Everything you wanted to know about the PC muscle and were afraid to ask

Premature ejaculation is the number one concern of men when it comes to sex, but what is premature ejaculation? Well, to put it as simply as possible, a man is a premature ejaculator when he constantly and consistently fails to last long enough in bed to sexually satisfy himself and / or his sexual partner. In other words, a man is an early ejaculator when he cums so soon that neither of the two parties involved in the sexual gets any satisfaction out of it.

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